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Precision Index Oscillator for Tradestation and Multicharts conceptualized by Precision Trading systems in 2009  


Pi-osc  was created to provide trade timing signals by Precision Trading Systems in 2009, and is a consensus indicator which has some powerful improvements and differences to industry standard oscillators. At first glance to the untrained eye it would appear like another other oscillator, but when testing it side by side comparing system performance the true power of this excellent indicator begin to emerge.

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Roger Medcalf 2005 - 2017 ... You may not reprint text or images without permission

Precision Index Oscillator for Tradestation and Multicharts shown below on recent data


PI-osc is extremely simple to use and trading signals come if + or - 3.14 is reached, the actual signal to buy or sell is when the oscillator moves back to away from PI. This signal indicates a 86% probability that the next bar will reverse.

It is comprised of 439 different mathematical equations which measure price and volume movement in multiple timeframe sampling that predict with a high degree of accuracy where turning points in trends are likely to occur. The designer Mr Medcalf is a successful trader with more than 12 years trading experience. His work on PI-osc began more than 10 years earlier when observing the limitations of conventional RSI, Stochastics, Williams %r etc. " Conventional oscillators just don't have enough intelligence to offer any real concrete evidence to put your hard earned money down" He stated. Although viewing other oscillators as having some uses, he also noted their shortcomings. The resulting observations of oscillators not coping with trending situations, whilst being excellent in ranging or cycling markets spawned the concept of designing the PI-osc.






How does the Precision Index Oscillator work?

The PI-osc indicator uses some very ingenious and logical factors in its calculations, some of these factors are found within conventional oscillators and some are not.

The components that go into computations are identified below.

Automatic-trend skew adjustment PI-osc completely eliminates the problems of conventional oscillators in trends.  Eg, in a rising trending market a typical oscillator with a 0 - 100 range, will track in the higher levels of its limits, perhaps between 40 and 90, which means there will be too many sell signals (overbought) and no buy signals.  PI-Osc automatically adjusts its output values depending on whether the markets are trending up, down or neutral. This feature alone is worthy of being a bolt on extra for other oscillators. (This feature is coming soon in version 2, please check homepage for updates)

Money flow index provides a simple snapshot of how sold out a stock or future really is and when measured in three different time frames gives a slick consensus view of money flow.

Relative strength index (RSI)  still the No1 most popular indicator in use today as its power to identify overbought and oversold qualities in sideways markets is exceptional. Its poor performance in trends is greatly reduced when seamlessly integrated with the PI-osc algorithm.

Demand index, being one of the designers favourite indicators for measuring the future direction caused by a large volume trade is incorporated here as well as its exceptional efficiency as a divergence indicator. James Sibbet's creation provides an additional stellar incisive cutting accuracy to the PI-osc.

Divergences. PI-osc measures divergences which occur in five different time frames from two different indicators, realising that divergences are often spurious in their reliability, the designer only factors 4% of the total indicator reading from these. Paradoxically the buy and sell zones have to have at least one observation of a divergence to trigger a signal.

Volume is always a factor that precedes a price change, as stock prices cannot move without a real money value being assigned to it either as a recent trade or a bid-offer order being placed. The designer's understanding of volume patterns is very useful addition incorporated into the PI-osc indicators unique conception. 

Please note you must have trade volume enabled when using with stocks and futures in Tradestation or Multicharts for PI-osc to function correctly.

For use with Forex you must use tick volume

Momentum frequently decelerates prior to market turning points and PI-osc is monitoring several timeframes of smoothed momentum samples in its calculations. But unlike a conventional rate of change or momentum indicator the PI-osc indicator scores a neutral reading when momentum is rising or falling fast, and a reading is only factored into the output when momentum is reducing, thus indicating a higher probability of success.

Probability is another feature of this algorithm. Although rarely used in industry standard oscillators, the designer has added a standard deviation (2.9) factor into this indicator as the more usual 2 standard deviations used in Bollinger bands is just not reliable enough to bet hard earned cash on. Normally distributed price sets have a 99.9% containment within 3.3 standard deviations, so when this is breached the PI-osc adds or deducts a further value to its output number.

Stochastics have similar attributes to RSI oscillators and have contributed a factor into PI-osc due to their smooth and reliable ability to identify buying and selling points on non trending markets.

Price patterns. Generally the industry standard oscillators just use the closing price to calculate their values, and although some indicators such as the stochastic use the high and low in their mathematics, few oscillators are actually programmed to respond to unique candlestick chart set ups. PI-osc is setting the standard with its intelligent programming to recognise when the current chart pattern is shouting Buy! Several of the more reliable patterns are factored into the algorithm. 

When all the maths is done, PI-osc does an exceptional job of determining true buying and selling points. Basically the trading interpretation is made very simple for you, as the buy and sell zones are so logically determined, not by one factor but from a large consensus "vote" from more than one different computation.

The benefits of this indicator are that it saves valuable time in "confirming technical analysis signals" and all trades know time is precious as large price changes can be missed in seconds while checking other confirming factors. It takes the hard work out of it, and lets your computer do the brain work. 

Ideally this indicator is best as an entry signal, and exits are best done with a trailing stop which has a logical trend following exit, its quite rare that the PI-osc will run right to the other extreme and issue a reverse signal, but it does sometimes.


Precision Index oscillator finds tops and bottoms with incredible accuracy


Rule 1   Wait for Pi



Rule 2   Wait for Pi



Rule 3    Remember the rules



Which markets can PI-OSC be used on?

  • Futures            
  • Stocks               
  • Bonds                
  • Forex            
  • Forex Futures   

Which markets cannot be used with PI-OSC ?

  • Indices without volume
  • Any market with no volume



Waiting for Pi-Osc to hit 3.14 is worth the wait, as rare signals are more profitable than common ones.



Trade signals are generated when Pi is achieved and then moves away from Pi



Trade signals are generated when Pi is achieved and then moves away from Pi



Just sit back and wait for your PI to come along and remember that in the stock market there is generally always a sucker ready to take the other side of your trade.




Precision Index Oscillator PI-OSC

Price $397  (Pay-Pal)   Buy this item

Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Real-time and Static data  


Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)


     PI-Osc increases your probability of picking a top or bottom way above those achieved by any other technical analysis tools


Buy Precision Index Oscillator for Tradestation and Multicharts now

 Protected ELA Code Indicator and function........$397

The function can be called to provide precision timing to your trade signals and strategies,

you will receive some sample code for use in construction signals with the instructions when you purchase.

             If you are sceptical about the high quality of this product then please sample my free items before you buy so you can assess

that they are reliable, stable and accurate in their execution.

Regards Roger

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   PI-Osc shows 2 precise bottoms in this example below



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List of other indicators and systems available from Precision Trading Systems below.




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Volume flow indicator (VFI)

Designed by Markos Katsanos this oscillator has many excellent qualities. Useful as a trend confirmation indicator, an overbought oversold oscillator, divergences between the price and the VFI are usually very reliable

VFI gets the vote of confidence from Precision trading systems as being a "must have" tool in the discerning traders kit

Please click below to see some more detailed examples of charts with the VFI plotted...More details and examples


FREE   Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex (needs volume to run)



Author: Markos Katsanos. (Open EL code)

Compatible with....          Indicator + function

Demand Index

An excellent oscillator that is versatile in its applications, computing its values from price and volume. It can be used as a divergence indicator and a trend following indicator. I have added a smoothing length feature to suit the needs of the individual user.

I find this indicator very useful for observing intra-day price action in actively traded stocks and futures...........More details and examples

FREE   Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Indices etc

Author: James Sibbet. ( Open EL code )


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Precision Lagless Average

A Lagless moving average with no overshoot that outperforms all other known industry standard moving averages. Comes with features including length changing algorithms and an anti-reverse option to minimise over trading in congestion areas, the result of 9 weeks intensive and complex coding after someone told me that the Hull average was better than the Jurikes JMA. In one session I was able to improve on the Hull average, but it took me a lot longer to improve on the Jurik JMA offering.......More details and examples


Price $297 (Pay-Pal)  Buy this item

Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Indices etc


Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)


Compatible with....    Indicator + function + signal

Precision Stop

Trend following system and indicator that self adjusts its distance to suit noise levels and volatility factors, making it more "intelligent" than Parabolic SAR, or ATR type indicators.

Can be adjusted to suit any time frame from day-trading to long term trend following by adjusting MULTI settings, features include a neat max and min percentage distance setting to cater for individual tastes.

Takes the guess work out of knowing when the trend is up or down, based on your own input values.......More details and example videos


Price $125 (Pay-Pal)   Buy this item

Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Indices etc


Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)

Compatible with....          Indicator + function                                     Insync Index

A "consensus" oscillator that highlights trend turning points, computing its values from an array of standard oscillators such as RSI Stochastic and Money Flow index.

It is best applied to range bound markets rather than trending ones.


I have added a REALVOLUME true-false feature  for users who use both tick volume and trade volume..........More details and examples



Stocks, Futures (Unsuitable for Forex)


Author: Norm North. ( Open EL code )

Compatible with....           Indicator + function                       Precision divergence finder

A complex piece of code that observes multiple look backs of Demand Index lengths to hunt out when divergences exist.

Often produces stunning signals at exact market bottoms.

This is not an "always in the market" indicator and only flags up when sets up occur that show a real divergence in a market.

As Demand Index uses volume, to perform at its best this indicator needs real volume enabled..............More details and examples


Price $167  (Pay-Pal)   Buy this item

Stocks, Futures, Bonds  (Unsuitable for Forex)



Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)

Compatible with....              Indicator + function                     Trade Volume Index  ( TVI )

Beautiful piece of work by Steve B Achelis, which I used in some of my early systems. Makes for a smooth analysis of volumes flowing in and out of markets and has always been one of my favourites.

I have altered the code to allow length changes and smoothing.


Adds the "Volume dimension" to your price analysis in a clear and precise manner. This indicator is a valuable addition to system filters to confirm trend direction...........More



Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Indices etc


Author: Steve B Achelis. ( Protected EL code)

Compatible with....              Indicator + function                                    Q-Stick

A Simple and yet very efficient way of defining if a trend is in a bull or bear phase. Probably the best piece of work that Chande ever turned out, and yet seemingly forgotten by the whole world.

Setting lengths to 80 or more makes for a smooth analysis of trend, and the crossing of zero indicates trend direction.


See how early it signalled a bear move in the example when it crossed zero. Can be used as an short term oscillator with lengths less than 10 and often gives very early signals...More



Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Indices etc


Author: Tushar Chande. ( Protected EL code)

Compatible with....                Indicator + function Precision Volume (Tick volume for real-time )

An indicator I made for measuring demand-supply imbalances.

This indicator will only work correctly if used on real time data with tick volume enabled.


Early warning indicator ( Requires confirmation )

An oscillator type indicator which measures demand and supply imbalances in an easily understood form


Above zero = Demand > Supply over sampling period


New indicator highs or lows over a chosen long length of (100 bars+) often foretell a strong move is coming..........More



Stocks, Futures, non-traded Indices (Unsuitable for Forex)


Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)

Compatible with....

 Indicator + function

Precision Mach-Trend

Designed to reduce whipsaw trades in trending periods and help the user reduce costly F expenses.

Mach-Trend is superbly simple to use, and is suitable for all ranges of traders. Calculated using advanced mathematics, this indicator will reduce your F and improve your overall performance. Mach-Trend pro has adjustable price and length, and Mach-Trend Platinum has fully available parameters enabling advanced optimisations for the sophisticated user.


Coming soon...... More details and examples

Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Indices


Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)


Compatible with....           Indicator + function                              Precision Gravity System


A complex piece of code that observes multiple phases of planetary orbits, to calculate extreme points of price sets. The relative gravity of the "sun" and "moon" are calculated using advanced physics mathematics.

The first system of its kind to be introduced to stock market trading systems, its is still under developments.........more



Coming soon


Stocks, Futures, Bonds  (Unsuitable for Forex)


Author: Precision Trading Systems. (Protected EL code)

Compatible with....           Indicator + function

  Money flow index MFI


Highly effective volume indicator showing money flowing in and out of securities. Works well as an over bought oversold oscillator and can be used for divergences as well. Ranging between 0 to 100 the MFI crossing above or below 50 can be used to identify a bullish or bearish condition of a trend changing even.....More details and examples



Stocks, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Indices


Author: Unknown. (Open EL code)



This collection of user functions and indicators above have been carefully assembled to provide a versatile tool kit for the advanced trader.

None of the items below have lots of flashing lights, bells or buttons as you find in the "Holy grail" type worthless advertisements, and all have been carefully chosen because they actually work as trading tools.


Some have been coded by myself while others are the work of some of the best technicians worldwide.

I have re-coded most of these into Easy language format. (ELA, ELS)


There are some free items here which you can try out by sending me a mail and specifying which ones you wish to try out. Of course if you require something that is not here I would be very pleased to hear from you.


If you need any indicator, functions or systems coded into Easy Language, Metastock, vb.NET or C# format, then feel free request it.


                                                                      Request FREE indicators or ask a question



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