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Precision Trading Systems Forum user guide




Ten ways you can earn $200 in forum credits to offset again products

  1. Leave feedback on other members posts and earn credits
  2. Create good quality posts-questions-comments and earn credits on feedback that members leave for you
  3. Answer questions to help other members grow and learn in their intellectual education of trading
  4. Sponsor Precision Trading Systems by placing links on forums, websites and social media ( coming soon )
  5. Achieve a high ranking "Trading IQ" in the Trading IQ Game World Championship tables
  6. Play more games  and earn credits on each game
  7. Upload a real photo to your profile and fill in the fields showing all your style and professional traits
  8. Report any spam or offensive posts to admin ( penalties apply if incorrectly reported )
  9. Become a forum administrator to check all posts and profiles before they are published on the forum ( invitation only )
  10. Suggest a new category or sub category to the forum ( This feature will be added in a later upgrade of the forum )

After you have accrued $200 or more you can then click the button on My Account page  to claim the discount. Your forum rating will be unchanged after but the account balance will reset by $200 less and then you can continue to earn forum credits and use another discount


My Account page calculations explained

Records x USD per unit x forum weighting. ( This is based on the average feedback you have received on your posts )

EG If you have a perfect 10 weighting based on your average feedback then the 1 will be applied in the forum weighting.

If you have an average weighting of 9 then it will be Records x USD per unit x 0.9

Please note that no funds will be registered until you have received feedback ( until then it will be x 0 )


Trading IQ credit calculation.

Top position no1 = $50 and deducts in $1 increments per place position less. EG placed 5th in World = 50-5 = $45 credits

Each game played earns forum credits x no of games.


Forum Administration procedure

All posts, profile text and photos submitted to the forum are checked by admin staff, so there will be a slight delay before your post appears on site. Members who are well known to me through previous correspondences may apply to be forum administrators


Email notifications

When a post you made gets a reply, you will automatically receive an email notification of this. In future upgrades of the forum it will  be possible to receive notification of other items such as new categories being added.


Forum operations

When making a post a category and sub category must be selected to enable other members to find it easily via the search by keyword or by category features.

Type column abbreviations are as follows. Q = Question, A = Answer C= Comment, E=Educational


Using the search feature

When wishing to find any posts referring to any specific topic there are three methods you can employ to find it.

1. Search by keyword. Type in the keyword into the box and press go

2. Search by category. Click on "Search articles by category" and then tick one of more of the boxes and press go

3. Search by keyword and category. Click on "Search articles by category" and tick one of more of the boxes and type the keyword then press go


Open forum protocol

The forum is designed for group discussions only so everyone can benefit from topics covered.

It is not permitted to send private messages to other member, swap contact information, or send files to each other.


Categories in the forum

There are different categories available as headings for posts and it is possible to request a new category or subcategory to be added using the Request category in the drop down category tab as the category for the post.


New ideas in the forum

There are many things which I have not thought of and it is likely that you or another member may think of a cool idea to be added to the forum. There is a category Suggest idea in the category pull down tab if you think of something good that you would like to suggest..





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