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How to extract live web data from websites


Open an Excel spreadsheet


Select a cell in the worksheet, then click on the data tab at the top of the page.

Select "Import external data" then "New web query".

Then in the address bar, copy and paste this link.


This will show the Yahoo finance page for Vodaphone.

Inside the web page switch on streaming quotes, then tick the table where "last trade" is at the top left corner.


When you see the green tick is active, then click on Import data at the bottom of the box. The data will now display in your Excel sheet.


Excel will update this cell every 60 minutes, but you can speed it up to 1 minute by right clicking on the cell and selecting "data range properties" and choosing update every 1 minute.

The example sheet is set to update every 3 minutes, as otherwise it is hard to edit the sheet during updates.

If you are using windows XP, when opening the sheet you can choose "switch off automatic updates" and then work on the sheet. To enable updates, just close the sheet and enable updates when you open it.


Many other websites allow the downloading of their classes in this way, and eventually all will follow suit allowing API style code to be used in your own programs.

Unfortunately Yahoo seems to have altered its format for bid and ask on certain stocks, so in the example sheet shown below then last price has been used.


DOWNLOAD example automatic update excel sheet ( Current open trades)


If anyone knows how to make the updates more crisp when a lot of symbols are added, and how to make text appear correctly on the first page, then please let me know!


DOWNLOAD Demand Index for Easy Language Omega Research





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