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 Trading IQ Game instructions and tutorial video

Trading IQ Game World Championship rules and info



  • To receive prizes you must provide a valid id ( passport or drivers license ) scanned and emailed to me.

  • Anonymous players are welcome to compete but they cannot receive prizes or feature on the hall of fame pages.

  • If you do not provide a winners comment you cannot be put on the hall of fame pages.


This is a FREE TO ENTER competition which runs annually from January 1st to December 31st and has generous prizes from my partners and sponsors of the Trading IQ Game NinjaTrader and MultiCharts  also some of my products are on offer to winners.

You can see full details of the prizes on the members pages after you sign up

Your score will be overwritten if you achieve a higher score in a later course of weekly games. ( EG if you achieve 1330 in week 12 and then play again in week 43 getting 1553 then your world championship score will be 1553)

You are allowed to create multiple accounts and play as many times as you wish.

No age restrictions  to entry.

The winner will be the player having the highest score from a total of 15 games or more in the World league table

  • In the event of a the Trading IQ being a tie the player with the highest equity to 5 decimal places will be deemed as the winner.

  • If both have identical equity the player who played the most games will be deemed as the winner.

  • If both have an identical number of games then the younger of the players will be deemed as the winner.

  • If the ages are identical to the date of birth hen the players may have a boxing match to settle it.

  • Because the probability of all the above hings being equal must be over 10 trillion to one. He said with a smile... ...ha ha


Trading IQ Game Weekly Championship rules and info


This is a FREE TO ENTER competition which runs  from Monday 00:01 am  to Sunday 23:59pm has generous prizes from my partners and sponsors of the Trading IQ Game NinjaTrader  also some of my products are on offer to winners.

You can see full details of the prizes on the members pages after you sign up

The winner will be the player having the highest score from a total exactly 15 games in the Weekly league table and in the event of a tie the player with the highest equity to 5 decimal places will be deemed as the winner. If both have identical equity the player then the younger of the players will be deemed as the winner.

You are allowed to create multiple accounts and play as many times as you wish.

No age restrictions  to entry. Age 0 to infinity. If playing from within the womb was possible, then I would allow it as you are never too young to learn.

The winner must provide  id evidence and a photo to be posted on the hall of fame page or they will not be able to receive any prizes.


Trading IQ Game creating an account


You can enter your details on the sign up pages and your email address will not be used for any marketing.

There is a mailing list under development which will automatically congratulate the winners and give details of member offers and announce new web pages and products when created. 

I realise some people do not wish to be on mailing lists so it has been made very easy to unsubscribe.


Trading IQ Game editing your age and gender on your account


To make sign up faster, a random age and gender are initially chosen

 If you wish to edit your details you can do so by visiting the update account link at the bottom right of the game pop up ( must be signed in first )


Trouble shooting.

Possible reasons game does not work or load. 

1. Java not installed.  Solution. please visit and install the latest version.

2. Game does not load when you are using a mobile phone....Solution. Trading IQ Game works in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer and most common browsers on all types of  pc but it does not work on any mobile phone applications.

3. You see a white screen with nothing happening....Solution. Please wait up to 2 minutes to load  if you have a slow connection or slow pc.

4. Skype toolbar error message. Skype toolbar on Windows XP can cause error messages.... Solution uninstall Skype toolbar

5. Other errors. Solution. if you are still have problems, please install ccleaner and clear the cache. If you are still not in business please drop me an email showing full details of the error.




How to placed trades in the Trading IQ game


1. If you close the deal ticket by mistake, click on the bid ask buttons to raise it again.

 The deal ticket is a moveable pop up and you need it open to place trades, you can position is where it suits you and then leave it open



How to adjust the amount of your equity you want to risk on each trade


On the deal ticket it is essential to adjust  the amount of money (equity) as a percentage you wish to risk on each trade.

A suggestion would be to start with a small amount between 1 and 15% until you gain confidence to trade better.

As a general rule of thumb, it is not wise to rise too much on each trade as you can very quickly lose a large amount of your play money.

Figuring out your optimal equity risk is one of the key elements to successful trading and investing. You can learn more about this on these pages.


To adjust equity risk per trade, simply click on + or - until the desired value appears in the deal ticket

To adjust your default stop loss distance simply click on + or - until the desired distance percentage is shown


Inside the deal ticket you need to set the default stop loss percent distance you require for each trade, an important aspect or edge to your trading is achieved by setting to correct distance. As if you have chosen to use 10% equity risk and a stop loss distance of 10% then you will be using gearing ( buying or selling more value of shares than you have in your account)

Suggested stop loss distance between 5% and 40% depending on each market traded. You need to assess the volatility of the data of each game to select the correct stop distance percent. Again this point is crucial to making a winning trader.


To adjust your chart zoom, click on + or - to zoom in or out


Chart zoom function ( press + to get close up and press - to see more long term view of the data.

Any good technical analyst will tell you how important it is to be able to read charts. You need to check the long term view by zooming out occasionally and get a closer view for trading signals to decide entry and exit point.




How to use the Trading IQ game stop loss slider


The stop loss slider will appear in red if you are long ( buying shares ) and will be below the price. If the price falls to touch your stop loss it will trigger a "sell at market order" which will close your trade for you in 500 milliseconds. You may not get filled exactly at your stop price and this feature is designed to add realism to the game. You can move the stop loss higher as your trade price rises as its generally a good idea to follow your trade higher to lock in some profits.

If you place a short trade ( Short selling of shares to profit from a movement downwards ) then the slider will appear in light blue about the price. If the price rises to touch the stop loss then this triggers a sell at market order, and will close your trade in 500 milliseconds. You may not get filled at your exact stop loss price and this is called slippage and adds stock market realism to the game. You can move the stop loss higher or lower and its generally a good idea to follow your trade higher to lock in some profits.

Please note if you set the speed controls to a slower level you will experience much less slippage on your stop loss orders.



Trading IQ game main panel figures explained

  1. The default stop loss distance % is the preset distance you chose in the deal ticket. E.G If you buy at 100 and set the stop loss distance to 10% then your stop loss will be at 90. Each time you log in to the game area you will need to set this up.
  2. The default % of equity risked per trade value displays how many percent of your equity you chose to risk E.G If you set this to 10% and you have 10,000 equity the trade will risk 1,000 ( subject to slippage )
  3. Profit loss this game This shows how much money you have made or lost in the currently played game.
  4. Equity This simply means how much play money you currently have in your free account.
  5. Mins remaining. This shows you the time left to play the current game, and you can speed it up or slow it down by altering the speed controls at the bottom right.


  1. Trading IQ rating This is an algorithm devised to condense your skill, risk control and ability into a single number. You will see it rise and fall basis of your performance over the course of 15 games.
  2. Open trade profit-loss. This shows how much money you made in the currently open trade.
  3. Equity risk this trade. This shows the risk in money terms of the current open trade ( The value will be red if you have a risk, but as you move your stop loss to reduce risk and lock in profits it will turn blue indicating the risk of loss is gone)
  4. Current position. If you buy shares You are long, if you sell the shares you just bought you are Flat. If you sell shares short then you are short. The amount of shares you traded and the entry price are shown next to it.
  5. Stop loss level. This shows the level your stop loss is at on the open trade and will change colour depending if your stop loss is a buy order or a sell order.


Trading IQ game objectives


The objective is the same as in real trading and that is to make large profits and hold on the equity you have generated. One has to avoid large losses and learn how to manage risk and place stops.

Beginners can learn to trade in a very true to life environment with total privacy to enjoy the thrills of winning and suffer the pains of losing. They can assess their potential to make it into real trading without risking a single penny. If you can maintain a Trading IQ > 1000 in the game you have demonstrated an ability to win. This is the first step to going into the real stock market. If you consistently score below 1000, then you know you need to change something about your style in order to win, and all this can be done with no financial risk to you.

Intermediate users can hone their skills and work out new ideas here in the games as a relaxing bit of fun or a mathematical experiment, its as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. Anyone of any age of intelligence can benefit from the challenges the game has to offer.

Expert traders can make their mark in the competitions and have their name up in lights on the winners pages. The competitions will not be easy to win even for the very best traders so if you manage to be the best of the week you can certainly have a sense of pride from achieving this.

Elite traders. These are going to be the people in page 1 of the World championship league and I am very interested to see how their performances compare to my own. Whoever manages to take the crown for the World Champion Trading IQ game will surely be a star trader. Will it be you?




                    Beginners guide to trading

           Technical indicators

Beginners systems.


Training section



  • Moving average rise-fall
  • Moving average crossover
  • Percent off high or low





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  • Futures, Forex and Stock trading contain substantial risk and are not for every investor.

  • An investor could potentially lose all or more of the initial investment.

  • Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle.

  • Only risk capital should be used for trading

  • Only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading.

  • Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.




Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. no representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown; in fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. One of the limitations of hypothetical performance results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk of actual trading. for example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can also adversely affect actual trading results. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results and all which can adversely affect trading results.