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The new Member FORUM is completed and you can earn up to $200 in credits by posting and leaving feedback





Week ending March 15th 2015 Special offer


If you can score over 1200 points in the Trading IQ Game AND finish in the top 10 players for this week


  ( Must play at least 15 games to quality )


You can win a 2 month license for PLA Dynamical GOLD for MultiCharts or NinjaTrader totally 100% free


Read about this product here


PLA Dynamical GOLD for NinjaTrader 


PLA Dynamical GOLD for MultiCharts


PLA Dynamical GOLD is shown below to remind you what you can win.





Actual data from the 2010 FLASH CRASH is loaded into some of the games so it is not easy to win



Trading IQ Game is a java application so you will need to install it first.


Recommended browsers to use, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Safari

To play now click here and win your prize

You can claim after the contest closes by dropping me an email with your user id and email used when signing up

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Precision Trading Systems Product guide


Please select the trading platform that you use


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Trading platform?


Precision Trading Systems Products will be rolled out to work with some of the other major platforms in the future.


 Metatrader, Metastock, Esignal and Amibroker are all on the list of future supported platforms.


If you wish to help the decision of which product to convert to another platform please let me know which you would like.



 NEW ANNOUNCEMENT for June 4th 2014

JUNE 4TH 2014


Percent Asymmetric for NinjaTrader7


PERCENT ASYMMETRIC For NinjaTrader7 is ready

The robust and reliable ASYMMETRIC trend following model >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


PRECISION-STOP For NinjaTrader7 is ready

The robust and reliable trend following system 


PLA DYNAMICAL GOLD For MultiCharts is completed

100% Guaranteed to be the best Moving average in the World


MACH-TREND PLATINUM PRO For MultiCharts  >>>>>>>>

The model with the exceptionally high risk to reward ratio




Precision Trading Systems is provider of the following



  Precision Trading Systems is partnered with NinjaTrader & MultiCharts.


  Systems and Indicators for Tradestation, NinjaTrader and MultiCharts.


  Top quality paid & FREE trading systems and indicators for most platforms


  Members can receive some paid products completely FREE


  Members can receive FREE trading and betting capital on sign up


  UK Spread betting guide showing how I made a 25,543% return in 12 years


  Elite traders forum for sharing tips on how to use these products for best effect.


  Free to play Trading IQ Game with generous prizes from our sponsors.





Precision Trading Systems is partnered with

  • Products are provided for both these platforms.
  • These partners also sponsor the Trading IQ Game
  • Both these trading platforms are excellent