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THIS PRODUCT IS FOR MULTICHARTS 32&64 bit  8.5 and above

If you require something for a different version then please email me and I will make it for you.

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 Precision Stop System Indicator, Strategy ( Signal ) and Function for MultiCharts 

System introduction

  • Precision Stop has been tested extensively and proved itself to be ultra reliable  ( The video below shows conclusive evidence of this )

  • Precision Stop follows the tried and tested rules of trend following with all the correct logic applied automatically.

  • Precision Stop has high risk to reward ratios and lower draw downs than many other high performance trend following models.

Advanced features

  • Precision Stop has advanced volatility detection with three different time frames of "memory look back" to take the guess work out of trading.

  • Precision Stop contains a volatility formula which is unique and specifically designed for use with the algorithm of this model.

  • Precision Stop has a huge range of multiple settings for microscopic adjustment to fit any data behaviour.

  • Precision Stop can be used as a fixed percentage model if required.

Standard features

  • Precision Stop has an accurate colour changing plot that provides at a glance position detection depending on colour

  • Precision Stop default use is as a stop and reverse model

  • Precision Stop can be used for position trading ( holding overnight ) or set to close trades at any time you specify if intra day trading

  • Precision Stop is fully optimizable so you can rigorously test all the settings for best performance.

  • Precision Stop works on any type of chart in the MultiCharts platform.

Technological advancements

  • Precision Stop has been completely re-programmed in efficient fast code to handle the high speed data of modern markets.

  • Precision Stop was converted to VB.Net for the purpose of creating an independent simulation unit for testing which is shown in the video below.

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 Precision Stop System Indicator, Strategy ( Signal ) and Function for MultiCharts 
Precision Stop here shows its worth. You can observe the high price at 330 produced a stop level at 240, however even though no new high was made during the long trade the complex algorithm detected a decrease in volatility and tightened up to 260 resulting in a better long exit and short entry price. 
Precision Stop below shown with multiple setting of 2 which allows wider stop distances to lock onto the major trends, potentially netting huge returns
Precision Stop below shows that the stop does not reduce its distance when it is not appropriate to do so.
Precision Stop below shown in day trading mode, user adjustable inputs for last trade time and exit time can be employed


Precision Stop below  can be used in auto trading and will close out your trades at whatever time you specify


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The 11 minute video below shows a 10 year simulation of the Precision stop 2011 version on 70 UK stocks.

When I made this system originally, it was so effective in my initial testing that I could see it was worth putting in a huge amount of effort to establish the best settings for use.


Testing involved re-coding the system in and creating a stand alone simulation unit which monitored all the important ratios and produced an excel sheet with statistics. This task took many months of work to create, fortunately for you it can be watched in a video of just under 11 minutes long.


For best viewing please choose FULL SCREEN and HD 720 PIXELS or you will not see all the details.


After you watch the video you will see me click on Generate Excel report, this actual report is available to download for your own perusal.

The list of 70 stocks used is also available to download

If you have trouble viewing all the numbers when watching the video, try moving the slider bar back and forth a few times, the video will then become HD.


Precision Trading Stop Instructions for MultiCharts


 Video explanation and Glossary of terms

Open position profit The total profit on all open long and short positions
Max Loss The in running maximum peak to trough draw down possible on a day by day basis assuming all trades get stopped out
Risk The intended risk from entry price to stop on all open positions ( pre-set to 0.25 in the simulation video)
RPT (Risk per trade) Risk divided by Trade divisor, computes the risk of entry price to stop on each individual trade
Gearing used Total value of  longs and shorts divided by Working Equity E.G If W Equity = £20,000 and total value = £100,000 Gearing = 5
Highest Gearing The maximum gearing used during the run
% Underwater The total percentage of time that the equity line is not making a new peak
Highest Equity The highest value of W Equity achieved during the run
Net long-short EXP The value of exposure in the portfolio if net long or short E.G If long value = £10,000 ,short value = £20,000 then net short exp = £10,000
Starting Equity The initial starting capital used by the run
Closed Equity The profit - loss of all closed out trades + initial capital
W Equity The real time value of the portfolio
Risk variable 0.25 = 25% of the W Equity is used to compute Risk (Adjustments to this value make huge differences to performance)
Trades divisor The number is used to divide Risk variable to allocate correct deal size to each trade.
Max cost % per trade The maximum value of a trade must not exceed this value, this is for limiting huge trades when stop values are tight. (Safety)
Initial max trades pd The maximum number of trades the system will activate on the first day of the run
Max trades allowed The maximum number of trades the system is allowed to have open on any given day
Max gearing allowed The maximum gearing allowed in the run
Spread percent The run uses open high low close data, so bid ask must be estimated. If set to 1.5 then it indicates bid 98.5 ask 100.( 3% a RT )
Noise less than 1000 Unused filter in the video
Percent profit The real time percentage profit generated during the run.
Max draw down The largest peak to trough value on the run expressed as a percentage.
Long W/L ratio The ratio of number long wins / number long trades  (E.G 10 trades 6 wins = 60%)
Short W/L ratio The ratio of number short wins / number short losses
Total W/L ratio Both of the above ratios combined to give a system health reading in one number
Long R/Reward The ratio of average long wins /  long losing trades
Short R/Reward The ratio of average short wins /  short losing trades
Overall R/Reward The above two ratios combined
Pie chart display Shows the percentage balance of the portfolio in real time during the run. Notice the illusion of a spring pulling it back to long most of the time.
Max underwater The highest period between the account making a new peak.
Total long trades The number of completed long trades during the run
Total short trades The number of completed short trades during the run
Total trades Summation of the two numbers above
Long profit The value of the current open position long profit
Short profit The value of the current open position short profit
Display mode Basic display so as to be easily understood by the average trader
Open position P/L The value of the current open positions profit
Locked in profit The profit value locked in by the stops ( this assumes that the market will trade at the stop level ) See Slippage definition and footnotes
Capital employed The monetary value of all trades basis of their individual entry prices added up
Total working The monetary value of all trades basis of their individual bid ask prices added up
Slippage The amount of slippage applied to each trade. 50% indicates halfway point between the intended stop entry level and the worst price of the day
Long cost The cost of all open long trades when bought
Long value The value of all open long trades in real time
Short cost The cost of all open short trades when sold
Short value The value of all open short trades in real time
Indicator generator settings The settings applied to the Precision stop 2011. Multiplier = the multiplication factor applied, Min percent = minimum percent stop distance
The lower windows Show all the actual trades and their values in running.
Generate Excel report The generate report that goes with this video is available to download directly here on this page

Additional clarification information

 As the test used closing prices for open high low close, it is not possible to extract the bid and ask prices. To get around this accurately there are two separate features added to give a realistic simulation.

Spread percent. If the system buys a stock which has a closing price of 100p and the spread percent is set to 1.5 this means it will view the data  ask 101.5 and book trades basis of that. The same happens when trades are closed out. So if the trade was opened and closed at the same 100p level it would sell at a price of 98.5p making a total deal cost of 3% per trade. Some stocks in the test have tight spread of less than 0.25% and others are wider up to 5% so this feature averages it out nicely.

Slippage factor. This additional feature makes the system testing even more stringent, as it then adds more costs to the equation. E.G if the intended entry price is the above 101.5 and the days high is 105 the simulation will book this trade at (101.5 + 105 ) / 2 making an entry level at 103.2

Software. Please note the software that generated this video simulation is not for sale to the public as it is my own proprietary software design.

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FAQ for dummies



This product is too complicated for me to understand.

Have you got a simplified version for the regular average type traders? 










I am making a points and percent model for beginners shortly.


Please see home page for release dates.




Albert says



Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.


Albert Einstien.




Do you have instructions for the Precision Stop?





Yes here--------->




Precision Trading Stop Instructions for MultiCharts



What does "Max underwater" as shown in the video mean? 




There is a detailed glossary of terms ( above ) describing the video above.


Reading site pages generally helps understanding



Do your products work with the latest release of MultiCharts 8.8?






Yes anything later than 8.5 will work fine. ------>









Does Precision Stop work with Kagi, Renko and tick charts?






Yes it works with any type of charts in MultiCharts ---->




It works fine on any charts in MultiCharts



I wonder if you can tell me the best timeframes to use Precision Stop?





As with most systems and indicators reliability of signals is improved with increases in data sampling frequencies.


E.G. A 15 minute chart would tend to give more reliable signals than a 1 minute chart and a daily chart would tend to be more reliable than 4 hourly chart.


Somewhere in all those different time frames is the optimal.


Looking for the holy grail?    Its turns out to be a stopwatch ---->



When will Precision Stop for Ninja Trader be released.?






Its been ready a while now, just needed to create the web pages for it.


It is ready now





How do I find my MultiCharts customer details?









Open MultiCharts, click on help, about, and your details are shown there. Please copy and paste this into your Paypal order when you purchase. 







I am getting this error message for the Precision Stop?










As explained in the instructions you need to set maxbarsback to 80






Things usually work better when you read the instructions--------->






What happens when my license expires? Are there any obligations to me?







You will get a notification message like this------->

On your MultiCharts platform showing the license has expired

You can renew your license if you wish but are not obligated to do so.


Nothing bad happens, it just stops working


I trade mostly on the 1 minute chart for the currencies 6E & 6A and was wondering if your indicator is practical and effective to use on a 1 minute time frame? I see you have some 5 minute FDAX screen shots on your site but most are 10 minutes charts and up.


Yes it will work BUT...Its a well known phenomenon that selecting such short time frames in any system or indicator generally produces results that are detrimented by low cost to profit ratios. ( costs of dealing are the same, but profit potential is way less if you take profits in a few minutes )

Please note this is true for all systems, and not just mine. If you doubt my words, please find a 1 minute Forex system that has a 5 year rising equity curve and send it to me. I am sure you won't find one, you will only find the fake systems.

See my article on cost to profit ratios on my day trading page

High frequency roll off occurs both in loudspeakers and trading systems----->





Precision Trading Stop Instructions for MultiCharts


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