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Precision Divergence Finder ( PDF ) for MetaTrader 4

Roger Medcalf 2016 - 2017 ... You may not reprint text or images without permission

If you require this product for a different Trading Platform then please see the product guide for the other supported platforms.

Precision Divergence Finder for MT4 was conceptualized by Roger Medcalf of Precision Trading Systems

PTS Precision Divergence Finder was created to provide a simply and elegant method to show divergences of demand Index

PTS Precision Divergence Finder seeks and finds divergence from many look back periods simultaneously in real time  

Precision Divergence Finder tutorial video ( Please use full screen )

 PDF Precision Divergence Finder

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PTS Precision Divergence Finder for MetaTrader4 shown below can often deliver incredibly accurate signals

Precision Divergence Finder is extremely simple to use and the divergences are counted up and placed in the indicator window.

The range of the indicator is from 0 to 20 and if there are 20 divergences at one that is the maximum reading.

This indicator observes multiple look back lengths of Demand Index to maximize the chances of finding them and getting the information to the trader in real time without any delay.



Precision Divergence Finder can often help you market bottoms with pinpoint accuracy

I would like to emphasize that in technical analysis the art of picking bottoms is generally much easier than the art of picking tops for this reason the sell signals are less reliable and this product only searched for bullish (buy) divergences.

The reasons are due to the different psychological forces at work. These are explained in greater depth on this site.


Rule 1:    Always use stops

The shot below shows that sometimes divergences can appear in small groups just before the bottom appears.


Rule 2:    Never trade without a stop loss

Here you can see ( below ) the first divergence occurs before the bottom then the next signal pin points the exact bottom.


Precision Divergence Finder for MetaTrader 4

Rent for $20 per month or $275 lifetime Free trial demo.

To buy or rent this product click on the image below, the disclaimer is contained within the vendor website

Buy PTS Precision Divergence Finder customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

The first divergence below created an output of 1 and the second divergence gave two signals of two each.

PTS PDF Divergence signal outcomes are NOT always predictable.

The chart below is a good example of how things often turn out quite differently after observing a good starting off.

Trailing stops are required to ensure locking in some profits.

The chart below shows three separate groups of divergences which all lead to nice moves up
The chart below shows three bunched up divergences together ( far left ) the first two of these went slightly lower before the last one caught the exact bottom


How does the Precision Divergence Finder for MetaTrader 4 work?

The Precision Divergence Finder uses a multitude of look back lengths to establish the precise amount of divergences present.

You can adjust the length of Demand Index used and the difference of it which is hunted for by the indicator.

Lower numbers in the "difference" input produce more divergence of lower quality than larger numbers. The longer lengths of Demand Index also generally produce better information on divergences than very short ones.

The components that go into computations are identified below.

Volume is always a factor that precedes a price change, as stock prices cannot move without a real money value being assigned to it either as a recent trade or a bid-offer order being placed. The designer's understanding of volume patterns being easily interpreted by Demand Index leads to this conception.

Demand index, being one of the designers favourite indicators for measuring the future direction caused by a large volume trade is incorporated here as well as its exceptional efficiency as a divergence indicator. James Sibbet's creation provides an additional stellar incisive cutting accuracy to the Pi-Osc.

Divergences. PTS-PDF measures divergences which occur in many different lookback periods of the Demand Index indicator, realising that divergences are often spurious in their reliability, I repeat again that you must use stop losses.


Precision Divergence Finder needs 20 bars of data to start working

Rule 3 Always use a trailing stop to allow profits to grow

Rule 4 Wait for the trend to turn up before buying

Eyeballing the historical performance of trade signals is an essential element to do in order to make good educated decisions on stop loss controls.

Rule 5 Always use solid risk management

PDF losing trade signals and how to handle them

Naturally if you choose a tight stop of 2 atrs distance away you can expect to get stopped out on some trades which eventually do make a good move in the intended direction, and if you choose a wider stop of 5 to 7 atrs away then you have more chance to catch a larger amount of good winning trades. The down side is that you will have bigger losses on genuine losing signals, such parameters are best chosen by testing and observation.

Your choices are also going to be dependent on your own stomach for losses and patience.

It might interest you to note ( forgive me if it doesn't ) that I have never met a "tight trader" who made any decent money, as usually they are far to fast to move their stops way too tight to ever stand a chance of catching a big move. Truesay, they dont lose much either but generally they lose in a controlled and unspectacular manner.
On the other side of this personality range is the trader who cannot let himself take a loss and will keep making his stop wider and wider to thus avoid getting stopped out of his losing trade at least until he gets a margin call or his account is wiped out.

I hasten to add ( obviously ) that the best option is a personality type somewhere between these two types, and if you are somewhere in the middle of the above you have a better chance than most of making a living from trading.

Trouble shooting

If you do not see any plots on the indicator, it is either that there are no divergences found or that the difference setting is too large.
Try increasing the difference setting and zooming out on more data. It accepts decimal places and difference settings of 0.1 or less can show more divergences than 0,5 for example.

It is also possible that a very long length of Demand Index may not show divergences and it is usually best to start with lengths of 20 to 70 and work up and down from there in order to get a hands on feel for what is happening.

If you cannot make the plot at all it might be that the instrument does not have any volume information, in this case it will not function at all. You can only use this product on markets with volume.




Which markets can Precision Divergence Finder for MetaTrader 4 be used on?

  • Futures            
  • Stocks               
  • Bonds                
  • Forex     
  • Forex Futures   
  • ETFs
  • Any other markets with volume.

Does Pi-Osc work on any type of MetaTrader 4 charts?

  • Bars
  • Candles
  • Line
Precision Divergence Finder for MetaTrader conceptualized by Roger Medcalf of Precision Trading systems

Precision Divergence Finder for MetaTrader 4

Rent for $20 per month or $275 lifetime Free trial demo.

To buy or rent this product click on the image below, the disclaimer is contained within the vendor website

Buy PTS Precision Divergence Finder customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems



FAQ for dummies





I wonder if you can tell me the best timeframes to use Precision Divergence Finder in? 




That is a very good question. As with most systems and indicators reliability of signals is improved with increases in data sampling frequencies. 


However I have noted the charts of very slow time frame like 1 month don't tend to be very good, neither do very short term charts of 1 minute or 5 minute.


E.G. A 15 minute chart would tend to give more reliable signals  than a 1 minute chart and a daily chart would tend to be more reliable than 4 hourly chart.

The best course of action to take is to experiment by plotting the PTS Precision Divergence Finder on many different time frames until you find the one which works best.

 Looking for the holy grail?

Its often turns out to be a stopwatch ---->


Try experiements with 15 Minute charts up to Weekly charts




Your FAQ for dummies is very funny!

Have you ever thought about offering a prize for the most stupid question?




My research shows a bit of humour helps to encourage people to read carefully before asking me something which is already written clearly on the site here.


I award a pie to each question which is stated above, but please feel free to suggest an alternative prize. 


Even my dog can read, here he is studying Elliot wave theory----->




Does your PDF work on NinjaTrader too?



Yes, I have a version for NinjaTrader7 and these other platforms.


Please follow the links ------>


PDF  for NinjaTrader

PDF  for MultiCharts

PDF for Tradestation


More MetaTrader 4 add ons from Precision Trading Systems here product guide





If this product is doing so many calculations does that make it hungry for resources on a computer?









This product is well programmed and does not use much Cpu time.






Phelps diet

Michael Phelps eats a lot to sustain his gruelling work outs, PDF does not eat so much


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