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 Percent Asymmetric - Strategy & Indicator for NinjaTrader 7 
 Percent Asymmetric is suitable for BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS

Dictionary definition of Asymmetry


Asymmetry is the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry. Symmetry is an important property of both physical and abstract systems and it may be displayed in precise terms or in more aesthetic terms.


So what does this mean?

It means you can use this product with different settings for long stops and short stops or you can use the same. Markets are not symmetrical, so a common mistake is to perceive that they are. Here is the solution to this problem and it is suitable from BEGINNERS and EXPERTS alike.


Important technical information


  • The indicator ( all versions) are enabled to work on FOREX

  • The Percent Asymmetric Strategy does NOT function when applied to FOREX, This is due to the manner in which NinjaTrader 7 processes FOREX charts with bid or ask data, and even if "last" is selected the chart will either read the bid or the ask but not both.

System introduction

  • Percent Asymmetric has been tested extensively and is ultra robust and reliable 

  • Percent Asymmetric  follows the tried and tested rules of trend following with the correct logic applied automatically.

  • Percent Asymmetric triggers trend changes based on high or low prices making it more accurate than using just the close.

  • Percent Asymmetric  has been tested and has been approved by NinjaTrader technicians

Advanced features

  • Percent Asymmetric  Strategy has latency protection  included. ( See explanation lower down page)

  • Percent Asymmetric has a huge range of settings for microscopic adjustment to fit any data behaviour.

  • Precision Stop has a minimum percentage setting of 0.25 ( a quarter of 1 percent )

  • Precision Stop has a maximum percentage setting to restrict stop distances to 99.99% for obvious reasons ( a stop below 0 is not practical).

  • Precision Stop can be used as a fixed percentage model if required. ( Setting long and short percent  to the same value )

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Percent Asymmetric strategy shown below with the minimum settings used on NQ Nasdaq futures


Protection from Latency is an essential requirement to any model that sends stop loss orders into the market.


Causes of latency in trading systems are due to the actual market data flow being so fast that combined processing time of the internet connection and the speed of the users pc cannot  process fast enough to keep up with changes in trend detected by strategies.


EG When a trading system switches from long to short it has a few things to do. First it must exit the long trade, then it would enter a short trade and place a stop loss for that new short.


Do not worry!  The Percent Asymmetric strategy has automatic protection from latency.



Percent Asymmetric handles Latency in a logical way and protects you from losses


Latency errors would occur if the stop loss order sent gets rejected by the market because the market price has already moved above it ( thus making the stop order invalid )


Such a scenario would only be experienced using very tight stops on very fast markets and if Percent Asymmetric ever encounters such conditions it will close out any open trades and go flat for 30 seconds. After this period is over the strategy will resume again.  This feature is put in place to protect you from losses which might occur if your pc is slower than those used by professional institutions who are engaged in high frequency trading activity.



Standard features

  • Percent Asymmetric  Indicator has an accurate colour changing plot that provides at a glance position / trend detection depending on colour

  • Percent Asymmetric default use is as a stop and reverse model ( Operating behaviour is similar to Parabolic SAR created by J Welles Wilder, jr )

  • Percent Asymmetric strategy is fully optimizable so you can rigorously test all the settings for best performance.

  • Percent Asymmetric  works on bar, candle and line charts in the NinjaTrader 7 platform. ( See user guide for more information )

  • Percent Asymmetric strategy can be executed directly from NinjaTrader control centre ( without having a chart open )

Technological advancements

  • Percent Asymmetric has been completely re-programmed in fast efficient C#  code to handle all the different scenarios it may encounter in markets.


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Version Indicator Forex Indicator  Stocks Indicator  Futures    Minimum percent setting  

 (Minimum setting allowed)

Strategy Latency protection Strategy Stocks Strategy Futures

Strategy Forex



Percent Asymmetric Strategy and Indicator for NinjaTrader 7 

Percent Asymmetric  below shows its value when used with symmetrical values for long and short , settings are used 11% for both long and short

Percent Asymmetric here below on 30minute data with 2.2% long stops and 1.6 % short stops catching some nice moves
Percent Asymmetric indicator here showing long stop 20% and 18% short stop
Percent Asymmetric indicator catching a nice move on EURJPY
Percent Asymmetric on weekly data used with wider settings 14 percent and 12 percent
Percent Asymmetric shown below with Gold futures GC catching a small intra day move up
Percent Asymmetric shown below with a very volatile stock. Settings used are extremely wide 120% short and 60% long stop.

It is coded to allow short stops to be place more than 100% away when short in case users wish to use it as a trend filter in a bespoke strategy

Even though it technically is not logical to have a risk versus profit target ratio under 1 it is interesting to do experiments on data.

User guide for Percent Asymmetric on NinjaTrader7


Ordering and purchasing

When ordering please include your NinjaTrader machine id number which can be found by opening control centre and then clicking help >> about and its on the 3rd line down

To order please click this link and follow the instructions after choosing what version you require  View License Options and purchase


After you receive the Percent Asymmetric file in your email, you need to save it to your pc.

After this please then open up Control centre, click on File > Utilities > Import Ninja Script and then select the file from the browse menu in the place you have saved it. 

After importing it the Percent Asymmetric Indicator will appear in the Indicator list and the strategy  will appear in the strategy list ( if you purchased  the gold version as the silver version is indicator only )

Setting up the indicator on a chart.

When starting for the first time it is best to attach the indicator first to obtain a visual examination of the approximate settings you want.


Percent Asymmetric strategy is ONLY designed to be used on the following chart types in the NinjaTrader 7 platform.

Candlesticks or OHLC Bars in the format of Volume, Tick, Minute, Days, Months Weeks, Volume, Range

Renko, Kagi, Point and figure or Line Break charts cannot be used due to the nature of their "in hindsight" processing of real-time information or inability to plot high and low prices accurately on each bar.

In strategy back testing of these chart types ( mentioned above in RED font ) can lead to misleading performance results for this product.

Default settings for the indicator.

Calculate on bar close = false.

This setting is important to leave as false because this product detects changes  "intra bar" . If a bar opens at 100 and makes a massive move up to 190 in the same bar then retraces back to 185 the strategy would be able to exit with a great profit. However if the calculate on bar close is set to true, it would not monitor the price action until the bar is closed which could mean that the unrealised profit  might not be realised if the price retraces back to 100 before the bar is closed.

The default long setting for Percent Asymmetric is 4.00% and default short percent is 5.00%.  Please note this is a general approximation of an effective setting when applied to daily charts and users are encouraged to extensively test many settings before engaging the strategy.

You are strongly encouraged to experiment with many different settings to find what works best with your markets of choice.

The long and short percent settings are simply a percentage of the closing price If you set this to a large number of 2 or 3 or more it will fit uses on long term daily or weekly charts and if you set it to values smaller than 0.5 it would be more suited to intra-day charts. Each version of Percent Asymmetric  have minimum settings for the long and short percent which you can see on this table below. 



Version Indicator Forex Indicator  Stocks Indicator  Futures    Minimum percent setting  

 (Minimum setting allowed)

Strategy Latency protection Strategy Stocks Strategy Futures

Strategy Forex



Strategy user guide continued below....


You are encouraged to use NinjaTrader optimizer to optimise the time period of the chart to see the change in performance.

Long - Short percent settings approximate guidelines for different chart periods

Chart type Approx Long - Short minimum   Approx Maximum
Weekly – Monthly charts   1.50 to 75.0
Daily charts       0 .85 to 45.50
Hourly charts     0.30 to 12.50
Minute or Tick charts      0.45 to 0.80

Please note that using this product on very tight settings is likely to use up a lot of commission costs and is not generally recommended unless market conditions are extraordinary. ( Certain events such as the flash crash of May 5th  2010 or the credit crunch crash of 2008 could be tried on tight settings but not without testing on similar historic data first )

Users are advised to thoroughly experiment with these three settings on the indicator to see how it behaves differently. Once you familiarise yourself with these concepts you can then proceed to add the strategy ( for GOLD  versions ) and try some strategy optimisations in control centre.

Strategy user guide continues below....



Strategy user guide Percent Asymmetric srategy in NinjaTrader continued...


After making an initial visual inspection of the indicator on the chart to find approximate settings you can proceed to do some optimizations.

It is critically important to remember not to over optimize and "curve fit" a strategy to a data series as it will be unlikely to be much use in actual trading.

How to optimize Percent Asymmetric strategy

Users In control panel click on file > new > strategy analyzer. A box will open with your instrument list.

Click the "O " in between B O W  on the top left

Left click on the instrument you want to optimize and click optimize.

Choose Percent Asymmetric  from the strategy drop down menu and input the settings you want to test to and from.

Expand the box by clicking on the cross and then type in the min value and max value followed by the increment

You can choose the period from day , minute hourly etc and also the date range. ( using a lot of data will produce much more trustworthy results )

Be sure to add commissions to get an accurate test

Also you can optimize the data series which is a very good feature of NinjaTrader. ( EG This feature could be used to test it on charts from 1minute to 200 minute for example and is a very valid procedure to try out )

At the bottom of the panel is "order handling" please select exit on close = false otherwise this will force trades to be closed out at the end of each day and result in over trading and cutting of winners. ( Not as it is designed to be used as it places a crippling limitation on profit potential )

Press the button "Run optimization" at the bottom of the screen

On this page  <<<   How to test a trading system   >>> is a more in depth method to check a symbol and instrument and strategy combination for robustness.

Attaching the Percent Asymmetric Strategy to the chart.

After opening a chart window you can right click the screen > strategies and choose Percent Asymetric  from the list. 

The you can input the settings you observed from the indicator and make sure they are the same.

Please set Calculate on bar close to false. Then to enable the strategy click on enabled = true click apply and ok. The strategy will appear on the chart.



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Version Indicator Forex Indicator  Stocks Indicator  Futures    Minimum percent setting  

 (Minimum setting allowed)

Strategy Latency protection Strategy Stocks Strategy Futures

Strategy Forex



 Percent Asymmetric system reports. 18 years of data tested in 5 minute bars for high accuracy reporting

Percent Asymmetric on CL tested from 1987 to 2014  ( Trades held overnight )

Starting capital $1,000,000 trades used position size of $50,000 USD per contract  basis = 20 contracts holding overnight and increases as account grows

Contract deal sizes are computed in running commissions $5 per round turn

Download report XLS file


Percent Asymmetric on CL tested from 1986 to 2014 settings identical to above, only change is 1 contract constant deal size

Starting capital $10,000 using 1 contract all throughout testing ( Trades held overnight )

Contract deal sizes are computed in running commissions $5 per RT

Download report XLS file



FAQ for dummies



Do you have instructions for the Percent Asymmetric?





Yes, just scroll up--------->



are up 6 inches from




I notice that the strategies do not work on FOREX why is this?



The reason is because NinjaTrader charts beginning with the prefix $ (  representing FOREX instruments ) chart the bid or ask but not both. Even if "last" is selected it will choose either the bid or the ask to construct the chart.

As the strategy would be reading bid or ask data it would be possible to set it up so that the stop line is already inside the spread of the FOREX instrument which would result in confused strategy orders.

It is likely there will be a FOREX version released ( possibly with a custom chart type ) in the future if  enough people ask me to make it.



Percent Asymmetric FOREX....

May get created if enough people ask me for it




If I plot Percent Asymmetric stop on 10 minute YM chart I notice that the distance of the stop is still quite wide. How do I reduce the stop distances?



The solution is to reduce the time frame of the chart to hourly or minutes format and this reduces the range of data precision stop looks at to compute the multiple setting.



Tend to work best when you read them

 ( See adjusting percent distances ABOVE ^ )





Does Percent Asymmetric work with Kagi, Renko and tick charts?






Not kagi, because they way they process information is not suited to this product.

Percent Asymmetric will work with the chart types in black font ---->> ---->




Precision Stop ( GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE versions ) are ONLY designed to be used on the following chart types in the NinjaTrader 7 platform.

Candlesticks or OHLC Bars in the format of Volume, Tick, Minute, Days, Months Weeks, Volume, Range


Line charts, Renko, Kagi, Point and figure or Line Break charts cannot be used due to the nature of their "in hindsight" processing of real-time information or inability to plot high and low prices accurately on each bar.

In strategy back testing of these chart types  mentioned above in RED font  can lead to misleading performance results for this product.





I notice that the Silver version does not have latency protection, why is this?



The Silver version is indicator only, and as the latency protection feature is only required for the strategy it is marked as N-A on the features list.

The GOLD strategy does have latency protection features as it is used to prevent erroneous orders getting produced during times of extreme high speed market activity.

To be clear, none of the indicators for Percent Asymmetric require latency protection as the do not handle orders and therefore do not require it.




When will Precision Stop for Esignal be released.?






Its will be made if enough people ask for it..



If you sign up you can be notified when new products are released





How do I find my NinjaTrader7 machine id details?







Open NinjaTrader 7 control centre, click on help, about, and your machine id is on the 3rd line. Please copy and paste this into your Paypal order when you purchase. 




What happens when my license expires? Are there any obligations to me?





You will get a notification message like this------->


You can renew your license if you wish but do not have to.


Nothing bad happens, it just stops working


View License Options and purchase



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