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Customer screenshots and comments about the PLA Dynamical range of products


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Question / Comment:


At first I thought this PLA Dynamical Gold was way over priced but now I have seen it I take it all back.

How does it know how to react so fast?? How does it know how to react so slowly again after just being super fast??


It seems to have some kind of artificial intelligence built into it. I find my old Hull moving average and TEMA becoming redundant in comparison to this beast you have created Roger.


Yellow-white plot is PLA Dynamical GOLD, orange plot is HMA ( Hull moving average ) and red plot is TEMA.




No artificial intelligence but there is a dynamical algorithm lurking inside,  I am glad you like it



Question / Comment:


Roger, I cant believe it, if the bronze version can do all this, then what is the gold one capable of?

I am getting good clear results with the reverse blocker on and high speed with length 66 it filters the whippy bits out and still responds fast when something vicious happens.

It really knows how to bend and twist AMAZING!!! My trading life is a lot simpler now thanks to you.




Thanks, the Gold version is of course better as it has 10 times more gears, it can do a bit more length (200) and has a strategy and paint bar included










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