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Precision Lagless Average Dynamical GOLD for Tradestation 101 Speed Gearbox. The fastest moving average on the planet.


Advanced features of the GOLD version

  • 101 different speed inputs for each length ( For the dedicated advanced discerning trader)

  • Overshoot true or false input command.

  • Anti-reverse true or false input command

  • Adjustable anti-reverse percentage user input command

  • Fast starting algorithm which less data to start than other moving averages.

Standard features of the GOLD version

  • Adjustable length from 1 to infinity.

  • Colour changing for up or down to suit user preferences.

  • Works on any type of chart in the Tradestation platform.


Please be sure that PLA Dynam6ical GOLD is suitable fofr your ability and expertise.




 << Photo on left is a baby playing with an anti tank grenade


Photo on right is Richard Feynman nuclear physicist >>


As a baby has no expertise the score would be 0


Expert in many areas Richard Feynman scores 100


Please calibrate yourself between 0-100

< 80 then this product is NOT for you





 GOLD version


With 101 different speed settings this version is definitely not suitable for the dilettante trader.


This product is guaranteed to outperform any other commercially available moving average filter in optimizations. (See disclaimer)


The sheer flexibility, adaptability and vastly optimizable features of the gold version are beyond the scope of what is required by the majority of traders. This product is only for those who have above average intelligence, above average knowledge and above average dedication.


To assist in understanding  what exactly the above statement implies one could take the example of using a 10 gear bicycle as opposed to a 100 gear bicycle. If it is just used for going to work each day and the journey is on minor gradients of 1 in 8 then the 10 speed bicycle would be just fine.

However if the rider requires supreme adaptability and expects to encounter a large plethora of different up and down hill gradients and is required to travel the course in a very efficient way in the fastest time possible with the minimum of physical effort he would obviously benefit from using the 100 gear bicycle.


  • Speed settings contain ALL INCREMENTS from 0 to 100 INCLUSIVE ( 101 in total )

  • Input lengths from 1 to 200

  • Comes with a fully optimizable STRATEGY ( Long entry if value is greater than previous value, and vice versa for short entry)

  • Includes paint bar study





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Licensing options for PLA Dynamical GOLD version for Tradestation with 101 Speed Gearbox ( For advanced traders only  )


1 Year license encrypted SEF file


2 Year license encrypted SEF file

5 Year license encrypted SEF file




Included Features

    Indicator      Plot Anti-reverse  ON-OFF   Overshoot   ON-OFF Paint bar study

Strategy > or < previous bar

   Bespoke add ons     (See below)


Silver (coming soon) YES YES YES YES NO NO
Bronze(coming soon) YES YES YES NO NO NO



License FAQ 






How do I find my MultiCharts customer details?







Open MulitCharts click on Help,  about and you will see it there.

Please remember to paste this into your Paypal order when you purchase and send a screenshot of your information panel




What happens when my license expires? Are there any obligations to me?



The indictor will stop functioning. You can renew if you choose to ------>>

It is wise to renew before your license expires so ensure no loss of service.


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View payment options



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