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THIS PRODUCT IS FOR MULTICHARTS 32&64 bit  8.5 and above


If you require this for a different version of MultiCharts then please email me and I will make it for you.


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Precision Lagless Average Dynamical for MultiCharts the Worlds best moving average.




    PLA Dynamical GOLD version is 100% guaranteed to outperform any other commercially          ....available moving average filter when tested in optimizations.


      Exceptions and exclusions:


      NONE apart from another product release from Precision Trading Systems past, present or future.

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Advanced features

  • PLA Dynamical has 101 different speed inputs for each length ( Gold version has 101, Silver version has 51, Bronze version has 11)

  • PLA Dynamical has an overshoot true or false input command.

  • PLA Dynamical has an anti-reverse true or false input command

  • PLA Dynamical has an anti-reverse percentage adjustable input command

Standard features

  • PLA Dynamical has adjustable length from 1 to 200. ( Gold version has 200, Silver has 150 and Bronze has 100 )

  • PLA Dynamical has colour changing for up or down to suit user preferences.

  • PLA Dynamical works on any type of chart in the MultiCharts platform.

Technological advancements

  • PLA Dynamical is the fastest responding commercially available MA available ( Overshoot = ON  and speed 100)

  • PLA Dynamical is also one of the slowest responding commercially available MA's available. ( Overshoot = OFF  and speed 0 )

  • PLA Dynamical is the most flexible commercially available trading filter MA available at this time. ( Gold version has 404 basic settings per length)

  • PLA Dynamical has more user inputs than any other commercially available moving average.

  • PLA Dynamical is fast starting and will produce an plot with 40 bars of data at Length 200. Length 100  requires only 36 bars to make a plot.

Precision Lagless Average Dynamical is shown above on a volatile strip of data of the Dax futures length 120 adding supreme clarity to an otherwise hard to read market.

You can see clearly in this example that PLA Dynamical hugs the price action closely but still smoothes out the noise to such a degree that reading markets takes on a new level of ease for the user.


PLA Dynamical in the shot above shows the anti-reverse feature in centre of page which prevents it turning down ( red ) during the tight trading range. This feature reduces trade frequency and whipsaws. Even with this feature enabled it can still operate at full 100 speed and overshoot true enabling super fast  response time to big movements.

Introducing the overshoot ON - OFF feature (below)



PLA Dynamical in the shot above shows the difference with overshoot ON or overshoot OFF. Upper plot is on and lower is off.

The overshoot on allows the fastest possible response time if speed is also set to 100.

The sampling period is length 100 but the PLA Dynamical instantly finds the new price level and turns down on the 2nd bar afterwards.

Settings for indicator. Overshoot on =1 overshoot off = 0 . So you can just optimize with start value at 0 and end value at 1 in the same way as usual.


Introducing the anti-reverse feature (below)



PLA Dynamical in the shot above shows the power of the anti-reverse feature. In the upper plot you can see that the ellipses show areas where the filter would reverse causing a whip-saw trade. The lower plot has the ant-reverse engaged and removes this problem. The price paid for this noise reduction is a "desensitization" of the filter which results in a slower frequency response time.


To be versatile the anti-reverse operates in a fractal manner using a percentage of the price range and is fully user adjustable!


As with all moving average filters, one needs to understand that if you put rubbish through it you will get rubbish out of it. In the shot below the easy price action of this trending stock is effortlessly tracked by PLA Dynamical the worlds best moving average.  To make this clear please read below.




PLA Dynamical is a filter. It works like a water filter removes particles, debris and impurities...please read now because this is important.

  1. Imagine a muddy puddle in a meadow after some heavy rainfall. It contains some blades of grass, live  insects, grit, organic matter etc. If this is poured through a water filter of high quality with silver impregnated carbon and 1 micron screen mesh filter,  I would feel safe to drink it afterwards as it would be pretty clean.

  2. Please imagine ( although it may be a little disgusting ) a pool of water next to the Fukushima nuclear reactor after the catastrophic earthquake which contains some rotting dead birds and radioactive waste. If this is poured through the above water filter, I would not drink it even if the filter was 100 times better.  Would you?

The moral of this analogy..


Rubbish in = Rubbish out.


The practical result of understanding this analogy


If you like to use filters to trade markets full of noise, where robots and high frequency trading machines are prevalent and are highly populated with highly geared day traders who risk way too much. Then you are drinking radioactive waste. 


If you like to use filters on 2nd line markets which are less popular and contain less noise, robots and scalping day traders, you are drinking from the puddle in the meadow. So you might have a better chance of latching on to a clean trend that runs further.


If you do not understand this point then you have no logical reason to buy this product.


PLA Dynamical in the shot below has anti-reverse ON and anti-reverse fractal percent set to 0.3


PLA Dynamical in the shot below has anti-reverse ON and anti-reverse fractal percent set to 0.75


Introducing the speed feature below


PLA Dynamical GOLD has 101 speed settings for each length

The six plots shown above are all length 40. This means you can go as fast or as slow as you like! 

Yellow speed = 100   Red speed = 80  Cyan speed = 60  Lime speed = 40   Blue speed = 20  Black speed = 0

I have designed this feature to meet the needs of the immensely diverse range of traders who each have their own preferences.

Rarely in optimizations does the fastest speed of 100 or the lowest speed of 0 produce the greatest profit,  the best results are usually found between 20-80 speeds.

This mode of operation is intentionally thought through carefully so that the 100 speed is way too fast and the 0 speed is way too slow.

The end of the phenomenal flexibility is that you the end user just can always find a setting that fits your chosen market and desired trading frequency.

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The PLA Dynamical makes trend identification easy in the shot below.


The easy action is tracked  accurately as the price becomes the "white noise" and PLA Dynamical becomes the purest signal form. 



 PLA Dynamical below has anti-reverse ON and demonstrates its value in the choppy congestion areas to reduce whipsaws.


The reader must be made aware that enabling this feature will result in a slight delay in trend change recognition as the price has to move further.


 PLA Dynamical anti-reverse feature allows users to input EXTREME settings

The two screenshots below show the behaviour of length 60, speed 50 and the green plot has anti-reverse ON with fractal percent set to 1.

You can clearly see ( after some mental effort ) that the green plot is resistant to moving up, the red plot moves normally.


The screenshot below shows an uptrend where the green plot stayed in "long mode" because anti-reverse is set to ON. The red plot is set to OFF.

The user can realise that if he or she wishes they can implement a "new dimension" to a strategy by using large settings in the anti-reverse percent.

So much so that it would no longer behave like a moving average at all...

This feature needs to be observed and tested extensively to gain a thorough understanding of its operation.




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Precision Lagless Average Dynamical for MultiCharts was conceptualized by Precision Trading systems in 2013


PLA Dynamical for MultiCharts produced the trade frequency plot shown below when the speed setting was optimized from 0 through to 100.


This chart below illustrates the extreme flexibility of this product as in this test all lengths were set to a constant 25.


The only change was to the speed settings.  This speed feature empowers the trader with more flexibility and choice than has ever previously been possible with any other commercially available moving average available today. The power of using a dynamical moving average can be seen below.


 You can make it run as fast or as slow as you like


PLA Dynamical is the fastest moving average on planet earth. ( If overshoot = True and Speed = 100)


PLA Dynamical response times compared to standard moving averages all tested at length 30


Filter   Length Speed Overshoot Response time to new price range
PLA Dynamical    30 100 True 3  Bars
PLA Dynamical    30 100 False 18 Bars
Weighted MA   30 - - 24 Bars
Triangular MA   30 - - 25 Bars
Exponential MA   30 - - 43 Bars
Filter   Length Speed Overshoot Response time to 1 standard deviation from mid point
PLA Dynamical    30 100 True 19 Bars
PLA Dynamical    30 100 False 23 Bars
Weighted MA   30 - - 25 Bars
Triangular MA   30 - - 27 Bars
Exponential MA   30 - - 61 Bars



Precision Lagless Average Dynamical for MultiCharts conceptualized by Precision Trading systems in 2012 - 2013


PLA Dynamical for MultiCharts

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UNIQUE SPECIAL FEATURES ( Which are not found in any other commercially available MA filter)



Speed settings (101 different gears-speeds in the GOLD version, 51 speeds in the SILVER version and 11 speeds in the BRONZE version.


A complex algorithm iterates through 101 different steps that increase the speed up from the minimum of 0 to the maximum of 100.

This feature requires a minimum of length 2 before there is enough data running through the code to produce this facility.


The beauty of this component is that if you are optimising lengths from 20 to 30 ( which would normally giving you 11 outcomes ) you can also test speeds from 0 to 100 at the same time resulting in ( 101 x 11 )  = 1111 different possible outcomes.

If you try riding a one geared bicycle around an undulating track and then a 10 gear bicycle on the same track. You know very well which one will get through it better.


Overshoot TRUE-FALSE feature, ( user input is 1 or 0.)


A very useful component that adds even more flexibility to this product.

A a new method to release the overshoot has been devised which can result in a much more responsive plot under volatile market conditions.   It is not suitable to be applied to slower speeds due to incompatible dynamic system arguments contained within this complex algorithm.

  • Overshoot OFF will engage only on lengths of 15 and above

  • Overshoot ON mode is designed to be used with speeds > 70 however it has not been restricted so you can experiment.


Anti-reverse TRUE-FALSE feature  (FRACTAL percentage ) ( user input is TRUE=1 and FALSE= 0)


This feature when enabled (TRUE=1 ) is designed to reduce sensitivity to the very smallest changes in the output of the PLA Dynamical filter.

It takes the average of the highest price and lowest price over half the length period and computes a percentage of that range. (Making it both simple and fractal at the same time) If the PLA moves in the opposite direction of the prevailing trend by less than this amount it will be overridden by the anti-reverse function.  This means a large reduction in whipsaw trades that occur in tight trading ranges.


Anti-reverse percent adjustment feature  ( user input is 0 to infinity )


This is the user adjustable sensitivity of the anti-reverse. E.G. if you type in 0.1 it will prevent PLA Dynamical reversing a trend unless it has moved by more than 10% of the high-low range over the length duration. The obvious benefit of this is to reduce false signals that occur in tight choppy trading ranges.

With Anti-reverse TRUE the PLA Dynamical will generate less trend changes for this reason and if larger numbers are typed into it, you can observe a plot which becomes a true net percent of trading range trend change indicator. Some test results will show this feature actually creates a whole new plethora of possible system testing outcomes.

With Anti-reverse FALSE the PLA Dynamical will resume its regular plot without restriction.



Smooth your indicators with PLA Dynamical GOLD 


The regular indicators available in MultiCharts can be smoothed with the PLA Dynamical GOLD algorithm.


There are two methods for doing this. Please view details on this page


Create your own custom indicators, signals, strategies and functions with PLA Dynamical GOLD 


See code examples on this pages. Please view details on this page


See more open code examples in the member forum ( non members can view )


PLA Dynamical is fast starting


The first plot is produced sooner than regular moving averages and even with length 200 it will begin a plot on bar 40.

  • Length 1 to 48 will begin plotting on bar 17

  • Lengths 49 to 132  will begin plotting on bar 26.

  • Length 200 (maximum)  it will begin plotting on bar 40.


The reader could argue that an exponential moving average starts faster. To answer this point please permit me to make you aware that  the term "exponential moving average" is actually incorrect as it is in fact a "LAG" and not a moving average at all , so it would start on bar 7 if set to length 200, as would other filters derived from exponential averages. 


Thank you for understanding this point and I hope that is clear, if you are doubtful you can check the formula for exponential moving average online.


PLA Dynamical ( Lime green plot ) Below is length 200 starting on bar 40 compared to weighted, triangular and simple averages starting on bar 253 ( with length also set to 200 )

PLA Dynamical ( Lime green plot ) Below is length 40 starting on bar 17 compared to weighted, triangular and simple averages starting on bar 59 ( with length also set to 40 )

PLA Dynamical for MultiCharts  STANDARD FEATURES



Colour up-down adjustment:


This feature enables a clearer definition of when the PLA Dynamical has changed trend direction. I was asked by several customers for this component to be added, so its added as standard kit now. If you want PLA Dynamical to stay the same colour you can set the up and down colours  to the same value.


Length adjustment:


This is a standard feature of all  moving averages and is of course included in PLA Dynamical



Included Features

    Indicator      Plot Anti-reverse  ON-OFF   Overshoot   ON-OFF Paint bar study

Strategy > or < previous bar

   Bespoke add ons     (See below)


Silver (coming soon) YES YES YES YES NO NO
Bronze(coming soon) YES YES YES NO NO NO


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FAQ for dummies



What does dynamical system mean? 




1. Relating to energy or to an article in motion.

2. Relating to the study of dynamics.

3. Characterising a continuous change, event or process.

4. Relating to variation in intensity.

5. Interactive procedure or method involving conflicting and opposite forces.



The image shown is of a time discreet dynamical system ( semi fractal ) containing orbit traps in 4 different layer dimensions.

See more information about dynamical systems lower down the page.



Do you offer any code samples how to call PLA Dynamical GOLD to make custom indicators and functions and strategies?





See code examples on this pages. Please view details on this page





See more open code examples in the member forum ( non members can view )




Do you offer any free trials for PLA Dynamical?







I offer free indicators as prizes in the Weekly Trading IQ Game so new customers can try my products to see they are of good quality.--->


If you win the World Trading IQ Championship you can get all my paid products free...however none of my paid products have free trials.



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Does PLA Dynamical  work with Kagi, Renko and tick charts?








Yes it works with any type of charts. See image ---->






I wonder if you can tell me the best timeframes to use PLA Dynamical average?






As with most systems and indicators reliability of signals is improved with increases in data sampling frequencies. It is the responsibility of the user to optimize the data set time period as well as the settings used. Results will vary drastically as you test from 1 minute charts to a 1 week chart.


Also the choice of time frame must be consistent with the system choice of the user or he or she will be unable to stick to it.




Looking for the holy grail?    Its turns out to be a stopwatch ---->

Please note:

This does not mean that a 1 day chart will always be more profitable than a 1 hour chart, however this often is the case as commissions and dealing costs will be much reduced.



When will PLA Dynamic for Tradestation be released?




When I get a round to it. ----->


You are advised to sign up to the mailing list then you will notified of any new products as they are released.






When will PLA Dynamic for MultiCharts be released?






It is ready right now.


Precision Trading Systems

has finalised the partnership with





When will PLA Dynamic for NinjaTrader be released?




It has already been released ----->


Click to view

NinjaTrader7 version





How do I find my MultiCharts user id and name?







Open MultiCharts, click on help, registration. You will find it there.

Please copy and paste this into your Paypal order when you purchase. 





Do your products work with the latest release of MultiCharts 8.8?






Yes anything later than 8.5 will work fine. ------>







What happens when my license expires? Are there any obligations to me?



The product  will stop working, so if you need it you can renew it--->>

You can renew your license if you wish but are not obligated to do so.

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I trade mostly on the 1 minute chart for the currencies 6E & 6A and was wondering if your indicator is practical and effective to use on a 1 minute time frame? I see you have some 5 minute FDAX screen shots on your site but most are 10 minutes charts and up.




Yes it will work BUT...Its a well known phenomenon that selecting such short time frames in any system or indicator generally produces results that are detrimented by low cost to profit ratios. ( costs of dealing are the same, but profit potential is way less if you take profits in a few minutes )

Please note this is true for all systems, and not just mine. If you doubt my words, please find a 1 minute Forex system that has a 5 year rising equity curve and send it to me. I am sure you won't find one, you will only find the fake systems.

See my article on cost to profit ratios on my day trading page



High frequency roll off occurs both in loudspeakers and trading systems----->




Dynamical systems examples


Dynamical systems can take on many forms.

Perhaps one of the simplest models to understand is the Vlazov billiard balls model.  Imagine two billiard balls which can pass right through each other but act as normal balls would behave apart from this "ghost quality". These balls are bouncing around inside a lightweight metal ring with a rubber bouncy cushion on the inner surface that propels the balls.

Watching this model in action is similar to how a pinball behaves when rebounding off the buffers except that the ring also deflects and the two balls can pass right through each other.  There is no friction factored into a dynamical system model of this type or the animation would quickly stop.


Discrete time dynamical systems.


Diagram shows an unstable chaotic orbital path ( this is of course prior to finding stability ) the next passing point through the Poincare section ( see name explanation below )  is marked with the square and can be computed with reasonable accuracy using discreet time dynamical systems.  The rule is that the Poincare section must intersect all previous orbital points or the next value cannot be predicted with any reliability. It can be placed at any point where it will be hit by all phases of the orbit.

Once the orbit becomes stable as most orbits will, then the intersection point through the Poincare section will be always in exactly the same place. The example diagram is a single sample type, however if another Poincare is place diametrically opposed to it we have a double sample type which will measure two phases of sine and increase accuracy. The number of sampling Poincare when increased will enhance accuracy as more are added.


Jules Henry Poincare (1854-1912) was a French physicist, mathematician and philosopher of high regard who made contributions to the theory of functions and astronomy and electromagnetic theory. His name is used to describe the single dimensional flat plate in the diagram in the same was that the word "Hoover" is described as a vacuum cleaner or Diesel is used to describe an engine type.






Dynamical systems examples


Dynamical systems can take on many forms.

Perhaps one of the simplest models to understand is the Vlazov billiard balls model.  Imagine two billiard balls which can pass right through each other but act as normal balls would behave apart from this "ghost quality". These balls are bouncing around inside a lightweight metal ring with a rubber bouncy cushion on the inner surface that propels the balls.

Watching this model in action is similar to how a pinball behaves when rebounding off the buffers except that the ring also deflects and the two balls can pass right through each other.  There is no friction factored into a dynamical system model of this type or the animation would quickly stop.


Dynamical systems with feedback loops, derivative action & lead compensation.

The video on the left is a very good demonstration of how something that seems at first to be very simple can become very complex.


Although at first such a project can seem too daunting to even begin, one just has to start it with simple ideas and then gradually refine each component used until ending up with a final product which behaves in the manner intended.


Using a C++ computer program students were taught how to educate themselves to make a computer programmed car simulation behave correctly while the mathematical model created by their teacher handled all the complex physics and forces which would occur in a normal car driving on a track. 


Engineering students at Northern Illinois university learning Dynamic systems with feedback loops, lead compensation and derivative action.


The maker of this this video deserves a medal for posting.


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Precision Lagless Average Dynamical for MultiCharts conceptualized by Precision Trading systems in 2012  

Precision Lagless Average was originally created in 2009 by Precision Trading Systems to provide clear and concise DSP trading signals.


Since then some major refinements and modifications have taken place. The PLA Dynamical product now has 101 different gears ( speed settings ) also a brand new "overshoot enable-disable" feature has been incorporated.  The anti-reverse feature present in the 2009 version has been retained and improved and I have added a colour changing plot because by customers asked for it. The original innovative algorithm still dwells within but now its has the added power of all the new features to compliment its performance, adding to its huge amount versatility.